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Li-Ion battery,Ni-Mh battery,Ni-Cd battery

Li-Ion battery,Ni-Mh battery,Ni-Cd battery

Customized best quality Li-Ion battery

Help enterprises solve product battery problems

Help enterprises solve product battery problems

Long life, high storage capacity, fast charging

Power Tools Application Solutions
Bluetooth smart audio application solutions
Portable outdoor lighting application solutions
Sweeping robot application solution
Electric toothbrush application solution
Razor application solution
Solar lighting application solutions
Vacuum cleaner application solution

Ningbo Hongyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
The main production and sales of polymer lithium-ion batteries, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride, nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, lithium manganese, lithium iron batteries and various finished battery packs are widely used in outdoor lighting, vacuum cleaners, hair clippers and other industries.  With many years of experience in the battery industry, we can provide our customers with a complete range of products, from single cells to finished battery packs, to fully meet our customers' requirements.


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