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North Polytechnic made new progress in the field of high-safety lithium metal batteries

Issuing time:2018-01-04 00:00

On January 8, 2018, Huang Jiaqi's research group at Beijing Institute of Technology's Frontier Intersection Research Institute made new progress in the research on high-safety lithium metal lithium batteries in the next generation of high energy density lithium-ion batteries. The related research results are entitled "Artificial soft-rigid protective layer for dendrite-free lithium metal anode "is published online in Advanced Functional Materials, Impact Factor 12.124. The first author of the paper is Xu Rui, a graduate student at the frontier of North Polytechnic frontier, and Huang Jiaqi, the author of the correspondence.

The research group proposed to use inorganic LiF as a rigid component and PVDF-HFP as a flexible component to construct a rigid-flexible composite film. The composite film has good deformability, high mechanical modulus and ion guide The rate of interface modification into the button cell, Li-Cu half-cell, Li-Li symmetric battery cycle life and cycle stability are significantly improved.

The machine can meet the needs of enterprises, schools, makers, families, arts and crafts enthusiasts such as personalized, real-time, convenient and non-standard consumer (small and medium-sized) production needs, can be quickly, efficiently and diversified to complete the metal, wood products , Plastic, leather and other materials milling and laser marking CNC machining, better in a small space, low cost, low labor, ready to use, effortless, high-precision requirements under the premise of mass production.

According to reports, the aircraft by Realmax (Tap Pu Yi-Hai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) research and development, design, Department of the domestic first new. It uses proprietary Zuto motion controller, with the core technology of motion control, the use of fully transparent processing observation window, the processing of objects is simple, durable, safe, convenient and easy to operate, and processing patterns, material diversification.

So, "Desktop iCNC Laser Engraving CNC machine" and 3D printer What is the difference?

R & D personnel told reporters, in fact, the former is the use of subtraction processing, processing of wood, plastic, metal, leather and many other materials, the original material for carving, cutting and so on.


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