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Domestic lithium battery manufacturers high-end dream

Issuing time:2018-01-18 17:48

As the world's largest lithium battery manufacturing base and the second largest producer and exporter of lithium-ion batteries, the demand for diaphragm in China is increasing.

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December 20, 2014 lithium battery separator localization seminar, CCID Consulting Wu Hui, general manager of investment division believes that since 2014, with the continuous breakthrough of the domestic diaphragm technology, diaphragm localization become the entire lithium The important trend of the industry, but the reality is that domestic diaphragm basically rely on price wars to occupy the low-end market, domestic low-end diaphragm capacity serious excess.

Industry data show that in 2013, the market capacity of domestic diaphragm in China was 538 million square meters, up by 40.40% over the same period of the previous year with the market size reaching 5.032 billion yuan, an increase of 20.52% over the same period of previous year. However, due to the diaphragm has a higher technical barriers, resulting in most of the domestic diaphragm market needs to be imported, especially high-end diaphragm basically rely on imports. Therefore, only from the production of domestically made membranes, the output of domestically produced membranes in 2013 was only 296 million m2, and the output was about 50% of that of the domestic membrane market.

Diaphragm is also a lithium ion battery technology and high value-added materials, the cost of the battery accounts for 20% -25%, the current Japanese and American companies to use technology barriers to form an oligopoly market, the industry's top four monopoly of about 75% Market share.

"In terms of market trends in 2014-2015, with the continuous expansion of power battery demand, the market for diaphragm will also be rapidly increasing. From a single emphasis on quantity and taking the low-end route of price war, Now step by step toward the high-end. "China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-Sun Dongquan analysis.

Early December, the Ministry of Industry and Public solicitation of "lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions," the views of the draft, said the strict control of the new expansion of production capacity, low-tech lithium-ion battery industry projects. Enterprises should meet the following size requirements: the battery annual production capacity of not less than 1 billion watts hours; cathode material annual capacity of not less than 2,000 tons; anode material annual capacity of not less than 2,000 tons; diaphragm annual capacity of not less than 20 million square meters; electrolysis Liquid annual capacity of not less than 2,000 tons, electrolyte production capacity of not less than 500 tons.

China Battery Industry Association, Liu Jiaxin that the introduction of this opinion shows that our government from the market access point of view, to enhance the level of the entire lithium battery manufacturing industry and promote industry-wide concentration of industries.

Moore, chief analyst of truth research at the forum pointed out that the four key materials in lithium-ion battery, the diaphragm material is currently the only one has not yet fully realized the import substitution, so in the field of consumer small lithium-ion batteries, more technical content High automotive power lithium-ion battery is even more so in the field.

Under this background, Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan Huiqiang") independently developed the diaphragm project to promote the domestication of domestic diaphragm, especially high-end diaphragm, thus effectively reducing the cost of power battery.

December 20, Wuhan Huiqiang annual output of 100 million square meters lithium membrane production line (a 50 million ㎡) production. According to reports, this is another major project invested in Wuhan following the establishment of the first 10-million-㎡ dry-process production line in Henan Province in October 2010. Wuhan Huiqiang new energy a 500 million yuan investment, with 130,000 square meters modern plant and 20,000 square meters of research and development centers, the main production line all imported equipment, the production of high-grade membrane 50 million square meters.

According to Wang Hongbing, chairman of Wuhan Huiqiang, the membrane project set up by Huijiang Group in Wuhan Huangpi is a major layout for the transformation of Huijiang Group from traditional plastic packaging to environmental protection and new materials.

"This not only fills the gaps in lithium-ion battery separator industry and high-end diaphragm in Hubei Province, but also breaks the monopoly of foreign giants and reverses the passiveness of the downstream lithium-ion enterprises in their use of high-grade separators that can not be produced according to the needs of users. We will use three to five years to achieve the annual sales volume of 2 billion yuan of industrial scale. "Wang Hongbing said.


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